Accreditation for partners


    Excellence Business Club in Spain takes care of excellence and integrity which suppose a very important role in this Enterprise. Moreover, we count on plenty of members all around the country and, in addition, an international expansion plan is being elaborated to be put into practice in 2017 and make possible to widen the business network from national to the rest of the world.
    However, you may be curious about what kind of activity we are in charge of. Well, our main goal is to ease contact between different members who belong to other clubs through sharing information about business projects. Not in vein, every single member of this conjunction is considered and proved to be the leader of his or her correspond business sector.
    So, after making sure that you share our same values and interests, we would like to offer you our help sharing our experiences in order to meet business excellence. In other words, the members of our respective groups may share information of other partners that may be useful to their objectives, activities and also events that be attended to learn and find new business possibilities.
    All in all, we hope wholeheartedly that we will come to an agreement and put our ideas in common so as to grow up together. We will be pleased to welcome you.
    In case you need more information, please, contact us to the following email

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